Thursday, March 29, 2007

Childhood Lost

Bhujodi 29/07/07

I have seen an urchin,
ruminating past the riverside--
He gazed at stones,
Touched the pebbles,
Slapped the mud
And kicked the water.

He hopped and jumped,
Splashed and swamped,
Muttered and uttered alien verse.

And as though in curse,
He glared at clouds and endless sky,
And hurled a stone
To aim so high.

And I killed him there and then.

I threw the log
He held on shoulder--
To drag along or push a boulder,
And replaced a brand new school going bag,
With books for knowledge
His brain can drag.

And told him,
'Look the water there--
Not a toy, indeed unfair!
H2O as chemists call,
Here's the list
Do learn them all.'

Yes, I killed him there and then,
Never saw him idling around again.
If you see an empty field,
Abandoned street side,
An urchin killed--
Do not wish a street-side game,
I tore it apart when its embryos came.
'Cause I killed him there and then.
Smothered and slaughtered
In education's name.


sRiNaTh rAvUlApAlLi said...

cutie.. :)

DawnOfANewDay said...


It's like "mere dil ke kisi kone main ek masoom sa baccha, bado ki dekh kar duniya bada hone se darta hai.."

amar said...

well.. nice wrk here ..!! i really liked ur blog and myb ur wrk givin me inspiration for make blog on poor people..i have so many photographer and point on this topic..i wish i do wrk for tht someday..!! nwyz.. keep it up !!