Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ocean's Beckon

The snow occupying the highest peak of the world
asked God, 'Why am I not happy?'
God answered, 'Its not height that gives you peace.'
So the snow melted and fell as stream,
not happy still---
God answered, 'You are too noisy.'
It became a river now grave and deep,
passing through the woods and shrubs--
'Answer God, what's that now bars?'
God said, 'You are not in service'.
The river entered countryside,
Thousands cherished the fertile bank.
It said to God, 'I am happy now,
But I don't get peace--
Someone calls me all the time!'
God smiled and merged in sky.

The river meandered here and there,
Looking for the one who calls--
Bent through marsh, through fields, through moors.
And finally found the ocean aside.
The river now calm and quiet--
Sluggish by the greatest pain,
Dived into ocean replying its call.
God said, 'You are complete now--
8thAug, 2004


ad said...

great poem.
i can never even imagine myself and anybody else to have a level of thinking as yours.

great narration. the idea of the poem comes in the last two lines which is like a surprise and i dont know why but it is very contempting and satisfying.

i liked this poem better than the othewr one as it is more on a conceptual and emotional level and i tend to relate to it easily. the earlier one is a very practical and all this process of realization and connection happened to fast that i couldnt retain it.

ad said...

reading it again, i still feel like saying something about the poem but it leaves me speechless.i gives a feeling like getting the perfect, long awaited answer for a age long question deep rooted in the mind.

a great work of art

Techuser said...

Lovely ^^

nilabho said...

Wonderful poem. Lovely thought behind....

krunal varshikar said...

wow!! the last 3 lines are perfect!