Monday, April 30, 2007


Religion is one of the major causes of bloodshed all over the world even today. Its a pity that the meaning of religion is interpreted through customs and not ideas. And its amazing and amusing really that an idea should be hereditary. Seeing so much of bloodshed there are people who come to the conclusion that religion itself should disappear from the world and claim themselves as atheists. But an idea can never be killed but followed, denied, modified or generated. And religion should be treated in similar manner.
The birth of any religion is mystery. The curious mind keeps looking for answers regarding our being and surrounding that compels him to think and come up with answers regarding his origin, life, livelihood and existence. But a few people who were thoughtful enough and had the capacity to go beyond questions gained regard from the people around who listened, thought, agreed and followed the same. Thus was a Master created, followers formed, and a religion made.
But what is illogical is that the children of these followers should also follow the same. Thus a child before knowing why he or she is Brahmin and a Hindu, Shia and a Muslim, Catholic and a Christian already is decided by the society what his or her ideas should be. And its even worse to think that religion needs to change in case of inter-religion marriage for a woman.
The base of every religion is philosophy or the ideas about creation, creator, life, death, morals and conducts. And philosophy needs to be questioned and thought, understood and realized. To the periphery comes the customs and cults, food-habit and rituals though these are sometimes very much interlinked with the core. But what a pity that being religious means to blindly bow down and to be ignorant means to be atheist, and to be atheist means arrogant and proud.
And hence religion is hereditary because though ideas can not be inherited customs ofcourse can. Hence a Hindu child knows he is superior than the rest, a Muslim child knows he is pure. And the same follows all over the world where people can fight and die, live and kill for a reason they really know not.
When a society would be built where a person has the right to choose his religion just like choosing his political parties then would religion truly exist.
Rather than having religion pre-decided if a person had to know the core ideas of various religions in order to choose which he inclines to most, neither would have babri masjid been destroyed nor jihads been called to slaughter.
And religion would then truly succeed to restrain and comfort, to free and teach and preach tolerance and sacrifice and thus play a role to change a human----
for we are human and humane only when we know WHAT WE ARE, moreover, WHY WE ARE.


unnati said...

heyi appa... the thots and the questions u have raised r werth thinking over and shows ur sensitivity towards ur environment... its great tht u take this blog so seriously... keep writing... or shud i say keep spuming? kudos.... :)

Azygos said...

The hindu religion is a misnomer for in the wider context of culture and tradition; it is dharma, the living foundation of life. No-one should deny being born amidst dharma, that is the fundamental basis of sanatana dharma

gautam said...

i do agree with the fact that religions are undergoing continuous changes...being revamped again and again....
the change begins when we share our thoughts with other people or with our children....but also leaving them with an option to think for themselves and not blindly absorbing the past...
the only constant in this world is "change"....

Ali Nadeem said...

Faith is a personal matter in between GOD and man and Ideally religion should be understood in same context by society at large.

Unfortunately the societies dont evolve with a conscious awareness of its being.

Historically multiplcity of a faith followers create a community and they create culture with in culture and hence all the mixing cults and faith in name of religion.

If we can embed a process of retrospection to avoid mixing of cults in this evolving process .Our societies might be free of dilution of faith with cults etc.

Well many a monotheistic religions claim to have been revelead because of this very cult n faith mix problems of humanity in different regions.

(The interpretration of the above can be as well that an intelligent person was able to think more than other etc .However thats a seprate debate all together....)

Coming to the part of hereditary aspect of an Idea for me Faith is much more than a mere idea of HIS existence.

However even for the sake of argument if the society is formed in such a way that people can do spritual shopping amongst different Ideas.It will not neccessarily remove the cults or even the social problems rather devlop more diverse cults .

For instance many a pantheistic form of faiths are embeded with varying degree of freedom for ease of understanding of faith to its followers.However more the freedom the higher is increase in cults and inventions with in the faith.
Resulting in more complex social problems.

and then comes need of another set of rules to remove these issues ....but probably the birth of religions have come about in da same way ....

I feel we as human have freedom but no choice....even for faith we have freedom but do not have a choice.

Lastly about the conversion of woman to her husbands religion in inter faith marraiges. Primarily now a days such marriages occour only due to the love and understanding in between the concerned ...hence that should be a matter amongst the two. It is useless to point that a girl is compromising or the boy is compromising since probably there thinking and understanding level might be higher than merely the question of compromise and sacrifice of ones faith.

However in the context of society interfaith marriages are not restricted in all religions .The prohibition comes into picture when the preaching of a faith cant be sustained due to the interreligion marriage and can bring about hindrance in execution of the laid down laws.

Whispering Shadow said...

I completely love the "Why we are?" philosophy. I too wrote a similar one article in my blog. Follow the link:

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