Monday, July 16, 2007


Diu 10/12/06

Its only love that has this unique feature…its beauty revealed in union or separation. Shringara bhava- the bhava of love gets priority in both sambhoga and viyoga. There are dark fences built in mind to protect, support or avoid like the dark trees that guard the horizon. But alas love breaks through it not….not noisy or demanding leaving a scope to rebuild or check. It arises rather from beyond the fence, from a region of mind we check not…it creeps in, seeps in and embeds. The only hint if you see is the gentle brightness that glows you with warmth each day…as it conquers the heart and slowly rises to proclaim its arrival…changing you, changing the world. The sky may turn red with passion…the winds may carry secrets of love. With awe you realize the aspects of joy. How happy it is to bear a sorrow like a sweet thorn traveling in blood calling for Sambhoga or union over the world.

Viyoga or separation on the lower side of horizon seeps even more deep to heart…collects in droplets, trickles down and forms a vast stretch of water making the heart saggy in weight...but it roars not. Its presence you will notice not…but the tender gentle wind that pass may touch often and kiss the drops, caress and pass….the ripples then go deeper and deeper to dig the charm…to set to awe how quiet and noisy, restless and calm...


Vijaysagar said...

u cld have done without those terminologies... bava, viyoga ,,etc.

Yogi said...

Whom did you fall in love wid? Are you still in love? Sorry but given a chance I will shoot him down. Aparajitaaaaa, I am jealous!