Thursday, July 19, 2007

Going Across

Bengal 05/05/07

As I journeyed through life o God,
Your sky did amaze with stars,
As I looked towards the horizon,
To the misty land afar...
I drenched in tears to feel yout width,
How far art thou, how far!

My oar is short, my boat is small
My eyes race beyond the fog,
With madness I wake up in awe
To pull down my log.
And I stirred the water
To push my boat,
To have your world a peep...
And my oar slides down
To search my soul...
How deep art thou, How deep!


Vijaysagar said...

that was a good "catch"

sudeep said...

Yeah many good pictures, but surprised to know so many people with the passion for photography, but could not get anyone with similar passion nearby. so that i can too can get some tips.

DawnOfANewDay said...

"chalte rehte hai ke chalna hai musafir ka safar, sochte rehte hai kis rah gujar ke hum hai"!!

Caught the moment not to say the least.

P.S.: I do hope u understand Hindi, if not ask!