Thursday, August 9, 2007


With candle in my room, NID 08/08/07

It’s a side view of palm…. yes a hand raised up. Look again.
It’s the bust of a man with his hand raised above the shoulder…
Yes a freedom fighter.

I often wonder what made them so different from us…
That the love of soil overpowered the fear of death!
Well there is a Flintstone in us,
And there is a hand of time that holds the other--
Out of our usual way, just near the bend--
Very willingly holding out to collide…
But a child when learns to draw the first line on a sheet
Also learns to draw the must track of his life.
And as he grows he trails…follows and walks.
While time holds its hand out just away from track,
Eagerly waiting to bang.

A passer by once passed that way, shy , timid and calm,
And it was time that quarreled for power--
As they fought their sweat did fall on track,
And washed the trail alas!
The walker stopped, looked and sat;
Howled,---- screamed as mad!
Rushed here, rushed there---
a--n--d bumped!!!
And yes he did burn.
Enlightened was the dark….!
And voices said from far….
"Is there a soul to spark?"
Our tracks are lost in sand--
“Here I am”
Said the fiery man.
He stood across the mighty path
And held out his hand.


Younes said...

You have quiet mature vision for photography but there is kind of absence about technicality of photograohy. particularly quality of pictures are really in a bad condition and low clearity. Apart all this, excelent point is that you right next to your photos and u convey the message in a much elaborated manner. God bless you

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

pls comment

Subhash said...

Very creative and imaginative. I read someone pointing out that pics lack technicalities,remember, sometimes by breaking rules we make good pictures. But not always. At times while we look from behind the viewfinder, we become so excited that we forget technicalities and good pics are lost.Any way, it's a good attempt.

vinay fauzdar said...

you have the eye mark it..all the rest just follows at its best with time..dont spoil it by haste..let the picture make a call and give the drive in you..
thanks for appreciating mine.

Sukla said...
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Sukla said...

You are a true artist..I like the creativity...You make the picture speak for itself... that's why I don't mind the noise and clarity of the picture...but if you want to do macro photography then you might have to consider getting a better chose very simple but good subject matter mostly... good work, keep it up.

who cares... said...

nice pics...

Golden Vulture said...

heyy .. you do have a spark in you fight it out till the end .. by how you write .. and also the photographs .. that are so good :) ..

you should write more often :) .. i am thinking of following you now :)

God bless :)