Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Enough for the day...

Daman, 15/12/07

What would this world be like,
If all knew where to stop.
Thirst & need knew every limit,
And quenched in time with one last drop.
A lion doesn't hunt for later
Once he gets his recent meal,
A man alas too wise & prudent,
Sets forth restless to make next deal.
And barter peace for wisdom
And run through life & leap & hop-
When alas a day would come
To cry, "Its enough! O here I stop."
How would sky with clouds appear-
How would dew slide grass that day-
How would necter drip the flower,
With the bees at sudden bay-
If a night ends with no trail,
Each day began with new ray-
How joyous life would be to know,
We have enough for the day.

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