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My experience with kundalini....

It was 7th august, 2004-- a day in my life worth mentioning. I was in 11th standard then. Rewriting the experience of 3 years back may lose its originality now. So I would rather leave the lines undisturbed that I had written in my diary that evening while I was drenched in tears.....

7/ 08/ 04, New Delhi
Today is the most successful day in my life till now. As long as I live I'll cherish this day with my whole heart. And I am thankful to God that He has made me the owner of this marvelous experience.
I have no exact word to describe that moment because the emotions that rose in my mind was a mixture-It was a feeling I never felt before.
It was around 5 o' clock in the evening. I was in my room of my hostel in Delhi and had just laid down to rest after studying. I looked around and saw both my room-mates asleep and rose up to utilize this opportunity.
I put on my walkman playing 'Music for meditation' by Vanraj Bhatia and closed my eyes to meditate. I wasn't very serious that day. My mood didn't claim any philosophical arguments. My main aim that evening was only to relax, use the opportunity of being alone, and get my mind more calm and focused in my studies.
I usually love to meditate through arguments, starting from the origin of everything...trying to rationalize the presence of soul, my being, the universe and God. And as I went on there came moments without answer, like unsolved puzzles filling me with an unbearable frustration to go beyond-- and I often howled and cried, looked around in surprise unable to establish the relation between the surrounding and me. That was the peak point of my meditations after which I joined my hands and ended before the 'chidakash' praying ' O the darkness, give me enough knowledge and purity to see through.'
Well, this was not how I went on that day. I wanted it lighter.
So I began my meditation imagining I was on a busy road like an invisible being. I saw cars and vehicles whizzing by, people walking briskly--A noisy, busy, crowded place and I tried to meditate. As I meditated I imagined myself being lighter and lighter and imagined rising up slowly. The vision of the street below me was now similar to the view from an aeroplane that just left the ground. I could see the cars moving like small busy rectangular toys and people like thoughtful ants.
After I was higher I saw only the tree tops. Then I could see the rivers like thin threads. Then the entire topography was like the palate of an artist mixing brown, green and blue. As I rose higher I could make out the curve of the earth and then the whole sphere with land and water. It turned smaller and smaller and in motion around the Sun. The other planets went on too.
Then the many systems around the different stars appeared like a busy pool. All in brisk movement in the dark.
Then I rose higher….. Many particles glittering in dark. Then a moment came when nothing was seen. I concentrated on my chidakash- the endless darkness before me. It was calm, wide and still. Here I searched my God with His being spread throughout- within each energy and mass. I tried to feel his continuity in whole of space. I tried to feel the relation between that continuous trail and me. I tried to feel I was a part of that continuity.
With that I ended my meditation for that day and slowly opened my eyes.
Just then I felt a chill in my backbone. It was as though a spinning wheel of electricity was stuck within my spine somewhere and it sent its sparks of force all around. I was so surprised that I gazed blankly unable to decide what should be done. Then fearing I would lose the trail of this strange feeling I closed my eyes again.
The wheel kept spinning and rose from my coccygeal region. However it did not travel the full length and stopped in the mid-way sending brisk impulse with a vibration spread throughout my body. I oscillated like a pendulum front and back with a rhythmic motion amplitude of which got shorter and brisk. I concentrated on the wheezing wheel. Its exact location could be sharply demarcated. It stopped there and spinned spreading the sparks of energy around my mid vertebral region. How long it lasted I do not know.
The vibrations kept spreading in circular path like the ripples in a pool or the seismic waves of an earthquake often shown.
After reaching a point the increasing vibration began to slow down at mild pace. My oscillating body began to calm down and slowly the vibrations submerged still keeping a slight motion somewhere within the spine for quite long. I waited for it to cease completely. Then I opened my eyes once gain astonished and amazed. I gazed blankly for a long time trying to recollect and gather what had just happened. I sat motionless and stunned trying to investigate the truth in it. Streams of tears spilled through my eyes. I cried like mad not knowing how I could best react.

To all those traveling in the same path...

[I called up my father that day to consult. He was my guide, guru and co-traveler. He seeked advise from his guru and I was told not to play with and that I should continue under good guidance. So I halted. But my excitement drove me to sit for another meditation after a day in which without much effort I got the result. Similar situation followed. However the vibration that day to my amazement didn’t start from the base as I expected but exactly the spot in the mid-region where it had spreaded the day before. It rose up and spreaded similarly near my neck setting me to oscillate again.
Well, after this I didn’t dare. My head was the next region in length I felt and I was afraid of any nervous damage. I recalled reading in a book somewhere that a body has to be carefully trained to hold energy. Energy sent beyond the capacity is not wise and could destroy. A guru-shishya tradition therefore prevailed so that a disciple’s capacity could be carefully judged by an experienced and dealt with accordingly. And this is logical no doubt.
However, I have sent numerous mails to different meditation centres and asked anyone I met with any knowledge of meditation and was more and more confused. Whom should I ask and rely on is a problem now. Some said, kundalini is your mother, it would never harm. Others said, never proceed until you are guided. I have stopped meditating for 3 years now and have already began to loose the ease with which I could proceed. Any visitor in my blog with a suggestion or similar experience mentioning the way you have handled or know how to be handled or knowing someone who knows how to handle could be of great great help really.]


Ravindra said...

hallo Aparajita,
We all are on a travel to this beautiful planet & have stacks of punyas to obtain desired results. Any way the experience you had may be a sign of awakening of kundalini but it is very very primary stage. kundalini also leaves some change in taught & behavior pattern in you have you observed that? You should consult a guru who has expertise on kundilini & shaktipat & get ur self attune from guru who will channelize ur energy & direct the same to obtain the purpose of ur life for which u r here.
Do not desire for same experience every time. It will be batter if u meditate in presence of competent guru.
Wish u all the best.
Be blissful.
Ravi Shankar

santosh said...

Hi Aparajita,


Vinay said...


The description of your meditation and the feelings you had were described very well. The feelings you had are common to people who have meditated for some years. If you are ok with accepting advice, here is what I think you should do.

- Meditate on the heart chakra. Dont let your energy rise above the heart chakra. By doing so, you will incur no damage as the energy will not enter your head.

- If you feel there is tremendous energy build-up, touch the tip of your tongue to the hard top of the palate. Feel the energy dropping down to your navel, where excess energy can easily be stored.

- Circulate the energy consciously throughout your body and dont let it stagnate, like it happened in the first sitting. It can get painful if the energy is stuck in the middle of your spinal cord.

- Try to understand your leaning, if you are interested in raja yoga, get a guru in the Kriya yoga tradition. If you are philosophical accept Ramana Maharishi or Nisargatta Maharaj as your guru and continue introspection on Who am I. Similarly for Bhakti Yoga.

- Keep a picture of Shiva and Parvati in front of you. They together represent balance and as such it will bring balance in your being.

Remember that great experiences in spiritual life will come slowly and steadily, but the most important thing is to have purity of thought devoid of lust,anger and covetousness. Dont stop meditating, please dont as the world will overwhelm you and sink you in Maya.

God bless your endeavors

piku paku said...

Sorry if it hurts you, but seems like you need a psychologist. People who seriously experience kundalinis are usually suffering from some kind of mental illness.

aparajita said...

Thanks to everyone who has spent their time to leave their words here.

@ ravindra
Thanks for reminding me this is a very primal stage. Infact I need to remind myself of that constantly. If the starting few sparks get me blinded how would I witness the entire firework? Well, thats what is happening now. When I sit for meditating it is never that innocent meditation I once engaged into. Due to the gap of 3 years half my mind once again struggles to calm it down, the other half is constantly avoiding the expectation of any such experience. So that way the primal experience of kundalini has become a disturbance.
Yes,it has changed my way to look at things,but not suddenly after I experienced little of this energy but I guess there was a shift to my path from arguments to experience-based surity which I feel came gradually. Just for a few seconds I had felt some oneness that prevailed throughout during the meditation. And that little moment left a mark in my mind that always gave me clear guidance as to where to go. I hazily moved around shifting from aethism to believing to confusion earlier and lost and gained grips of threads through arguments. Now instead of arguments I see a hazy network already formed before me that I can't deny. I don't lose tracks now. I can feel that continuity under misty light and feel sure I would go in right path if I travel the path on foot now exploring every gravel.

If its naturality that you have been focussing...yes ofcourse...

Definately I am ok with taking advice. That was the sole purpose of this post. Well, about meditating on heart chakra...I have never practised chakra-yoga. I never wanted to meditate to play with and circulate energy neither for kundalini rising. I had a simple, innocent quest to know how this creation existed and meditation helped me to assemble, wander around and confuse around this path and dragged me with curiosity. However, I have lost that. The excitement of energy handling and fear of consequence has filled me up so much that I very soon need to find a solution to this to get back that innocence with which I enjoyed my meditations. Can't I do away with chakra yoga or deal less with energy and still make an end to this energy rising safely?
What you have explained seems really not a child's game. Definately I should stop till I can come under an experienced. Thanks a lot.

denis said...

Hi Aparijita

It is a big pitty that you stopped to meditate. Your experience with awakening kundalini is a sign that you are “ripe”. But I agree that it was very wise that you stopped because you have no guidance. I would like to tell you my story, so maybe that will encourage to go on. So if you allow:

I am very happy that I had good support from a very experienced yogi when kundalini awoke. All together it was a process of about one and a half year where I had to walk along a rigde between bliss and depression, between ecstasy and madness. That sounds a bit too dramatic, but it was a time with a lot ups and downs. There were these symptoms you described. They were most of the time much milder as yours, because we were cautious at work. Symptoms were: twitching of certain muscles, spontaneous pranayama, twisting of the spine, causeless laughing, vertigo, headbanging and so on… which could sometimes hurt a lot. Beside of these “symptoms” which also started when I was out of meditation, there was also a big change in my mood. Everything just felt tastless, the only thing I wanted to do was meditating and having “that nice feeling”. Yes, I was totally addicted to it. Nothing else than meditation could make me happy and when there was a phase where even the nice experiences in meditation were lacking then I felt totally “insult” :-).
So in awakening kundalini are two “dangers”:
First: the acute one as you described, where just too much power can destroy, burn your nervesystem (my coach knows cases which had to go to madhouse, because of their “enlightenment-greediness”!).
Second: the whole process of structurizing and bringing into order of the chakras and nadis comes along with a “change of the view” you have on life, your personality becomes less stable, has to get used to the “new view”.
A skilled meditation-coach has to own the art of guiding a beginner through that phase. I was encouraged to eat much, making a lot of sports, sleep enough and not quitting education, etc. All was good to keep me down to earth.
In the meanwhile I coach beginners in meditation too, here in Switzerland. Many people underestimate the power of mantra and the like. What is always very critical that people meditate irregular. Once 10 minutes, then one hour, the next day no session… That is very bad. Our nervesystem needs a constant “dose”. Changing the dose too much confuses the rhythms of our body, brings turmoil into the system. Better to meditate daily for twice half an hour than irregular but then for hours… Like this you already can avoid a lot of problems.
The other important thing is to lead an active life, that will keep you down to earth. Do your job, do not escape into passivity like a drug-addicted. It is good to loose the nice feeling you found in meditation… again and again. The aim of meditation is not that nice feeling or kundalini-symptoms. This is just a side-effect! The aim of meditation is to become independent of anything… even of bliss.
My advise: go on with meditation! would be a big lost if not. But take it serious and find a experienced guru who will lead you (you are living in India, so I don’t think that will be too difficult to find one). Watch out for a technic which comes from the vedic tradition. The wise men from the old times knew it the best…!

All the best!


Mahesh said...

What you experience is true....but not everyone will have similar kind of experience. That would vary......
By the way, is ur date of birth 7th, 16th or 25th - which comes to 7.
Or does your fate number (total of day + month + year ) come to 7.

aparajita said...

Wonderful reading your experience and advice. I guess this post is helping me more than the numerous mails I sent here and there.
Great that you had someone to guide. Yes, living in India its absurd that lack of guidance could be a problem. I would perhaps visit Swami Niranjananda at Munger and spend a month or two in his school. I have to be done with my college before that.
But I also fear losing track with reality being engaged in these as you have mentioned. In these 3 years I have undergone a lot of change learning to be with people, being happy at little deals...which earlier I had problem managaing. Again engagaing to meditation would withdraw me again or make a more balanced I will have to work on.
Anyway great to have your response. Thanks a lot.

I do not know how others experience but would love to hear their mode.
Well, none of these sum up to 7. So unluckily not a lucky 7.
Well, I know nothing of numerology.

one said...

Hi Aparajita,

Try to find a self realised saint, as He can give the best guidance in this path.

I would highly recomment you to attend a Dhyan Yoga Shivir of Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu. He is a self realised Yogi, and in his Dhyan Yoga Shivir He does Shakti Paat. His satsang is also directed towards self realisation, in which he explains the Yoga/Kundalini path also.

I am His disciple and I have benefited beyond my expectation and imagination from Him.

Last thing that I would suggest is one should not stop meditating, as meditation keeps preparing/purifing our inner bodies, which takes us higher on sadhna path. Reduce the time for sometime, if you feels so, but keep doing it.

Regards and HariOM.

Himadri Sengupta said...

This must be as a result of some practise from your previous birth. At quite early age you have matured to hold it.
I went through your blog apart from this post. Your way of thinkin, lookin or connectin is high above than your age. So u got a gr8 deal of time ahead to dig into this. All I would want to say is an 'All the best'.
The way you hav been enquiring you will definately b at the hand of a good master who will help thats not where I want to advise. Even if you keep ur meditation at a hault u can go on with regular pranayam, some concentrations, some time to think about yourself looking inward or if nothing else read philosophies to keep you in touch. Above all don't ever let yourself be driven by negetive energies. Meditation is not only done when u sit in padmasan but immersing yourself completely in everything you do. So keep doin that...trn out as an APARAJITA.
My love and kisses for this wonderful,pretty girl.
Get goin.

aparajita said...

Thanks a lot. I really got to keep time aside in my life to attend such shivirs. Yes, I too feel stopping meditation completely isn't a good idea. I face difficulties doin it now. A little gap has untrainned so much...more time lapse would drive me into struggle.
Well, wonderful to hear of your benefits from your guru.
I hope I can soon be so fortunate like you. Thanks.

Yes, I have started with pranayam recently. Some time for concentration and self-inspection would be nice too...will continue. Thanks for going through my blog.

Gaurav said...

hi aparajita,
I have some suggestions for you if you don't mind.
- Find a Guru who has experience of self realisation. Only such a person can guide you on this path. If you don't mind, I want to suggest you the name of my guru from whom i had taken Kundalini Shaktipat Diksha. Please send me e-mail if you are interested at
The presense of a Guru is important because when Kundalini awakes, it has three ways to travel through spine. 1) Ida 2)Pingala 3) Sushumna. If Kundalini travels by Ida, than you will feel cold. If it travels by Pingala than you will experience the heat in the body (remember the case of Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa). The eligible Guru who are reached to the Causal body to which Kundalini belongs can make Kundalini Travel by Sushumna, which is the right way. Here i only have described physical experiences only. There are also certain mental experinces.
- Start meditating.
- Don't forget to drink milk after you meditate as the Kundalini is made of Agni Tatva and when it awakes it cleanses the body. The body is heated as a result. If you drink water instead, you will get cold.
Remember that Kundalini is never harmful.
Please send me e-mail if you need any information.

Venu said...

Dear Aparajita, I have been meditating for more than 40yrs and I have no human Guru, but that is not to say that I am not guided. I went through your experience and I have only one thing to say and that is that rather than leaving meditation, go on with it but change your style of reaching your inner self. We have all manifested here with our individual agendas and meditation is the process by which we learn to go inwards where our essence lies because it is here that we have the awareness of our purpose here on earth. If you have not found a Guru in the physical form you can invoke him in the spirit because Guru is a Tattva, an easy way of doing this is through Bhakti yog ( which is the way I had reached it). What I am implying is that you go from Aakar to Nirakar, which is to say that you see which form of the Lord appeals to you(Krsna, Shive, Goddess ma, etc.), find the most beautiful pic of the same (or imagine in your mind the most beautiful form you can conjure up) and meditate on that with complete faith. Communicate with that form as your most trusted and complete guide and ask to be guided to your core. Indeed, ask all you want to know and slowly, it will become a two-way dialog and rest is between you and your God. Have faith that you would be held and guided. I have never felt lost though I have no Guru in physical form. If we all have come forward than this very fact is the indication that you arebing talked to through us and that you are being sent the message that you are being taken care, Aparajita,the one who never loses, go ahead, put your beloved in your heart in whtaever form appeals to you and start your quest...That is waiting for you...go on and hold Him/Her.
God Bless you with love peace and limitless joy which you already are!

PremJohny said...

Your Kundalini force has been triggerred and from your comments I understand it has started channelizing considerably upwards. Try to develop total awareness from now on... The delusory satanic forces would try to pull this pure energy downwards. Have a watch on it. This delusion can be in any form, in form of emotional surges or attachments or whatever. wisdom would guide you during these emotional upsurges and with a discerning mind you can move up the ladder. Just have a watch on these down pulling forces as if an observer watches the waves in the sea. Remember waves come and go. So just watch the delusion tainted thoughts which are bound to pull you down the ladder..Yes they keep pulling you always. With strong will power generated within you, channelize this energy up further from the point behind your heart( in spine) in a controlled manner.Its tough but Will power is the key. You may have to fail many times till you over come. Dont become pessimistic if you fail.Keep trying. Once you need to fall from a great height....and...if you go on obeying or trying to satisfy the downpull forces you have to climb up a long way again...And dont allow pride to reach your head. Sometimes you may become too egoistic with this experience or because of the comments or praises you get from surroundings.dont take it into head. Never allow that to happen.
I am glad to post this comment to a woman who is in the path of liberation...
May the Divine Bliss surround you in its Totality once you reach the peakmost point.
In God, with prayers
Prem Johny

aparajita said...

@ gaurav
Thank you so much for your suggestions and eagerness to help...

@ Venu
Well you are lucky you can do without a guru in physical form. Bhakti yoga solves a lot of problems for many. However I find it extremely difficult to surrender to a photograph in front of me. I have tried that in a 'Sahajayoga' centre. I guess different paths suit different people. I find it easier to deal with logic than devotion. Thank you so much. Thanks for your encouragement.

@ Prem Johny
I am aware that if pride gets into me that would be the end of my journey. I am consciously at a guard not to let that in and am quite successful. Actually I never meditated to have a kundalini awakening. So any little game that happened did excite me indicating I was in right path but now has become a hindrance...and hence my effort to deal with it...otherwise chakra yoga...kundalini...or energy related meditations are not what I am interested in neither my way or aim.
Thanks for your suggestion.

Ravindra said...

Hallo Aparajita,
U R lucky that U have been receiving true guidance from UR well wishers.
I must say that Follow up of YAM & NIYAM of Maharshi Patanjali will be helpful to U, more particularly YAMS those are five laws stated as below.
Yams (Behavior Controls)
"Avoid...unrighteous behavior." All our behavior should be based on a disciplined approach when we interact with others. There are five behavioral controls as postulate by sage Patanjali. These are: Ahimsa (Non – violence) Satya (Truthfulness) Brahmachaarya (Celibacy) Asteya (Non stealing) Aparigraha (Non-covetousness) These five behavior controls have to be followed by the Sadhaka (Yogic practitioner) with strong dedication and diligence.
If U R non vagetarian then U should shift to satvik food habits.
Wish U success & blissfulness,

devaji said...

oh my love .....
u are not there....
if u get in here ...u will never be there.....
tears ar always true ..only if u dont feel them..
SHE is tender ...loving ....and always means buisness.
She is swift ............and make no mistake .......decimates every thing in her path ....while contructing and resurrecting the the very elements she has destroyed.
oh my love .....
the condor need not fear ..about flying ...because in the very breath is its liberation body teaches him .....How to fly .he knows......he knows....

where is the Guru who knows ...and who feels .....for when one knows he feels nothing and is silent.

oh my love ...the journey is long ...and arduous ...yet short and is a journey of not learning what u dont know... ...but one of unlearning..... of what u already know.........
loose the craving ...once ....just for once ....and then for ever ...then SHE will hold ur hand.....
jus a child ...

aparajita said...

@ Ravindra
Yes, am really lucky to have so many helpful people reacting...
Well, I have gone through a book of Patanjali Yoga Sutra and theoritically aware of this. And on practical basis am not in much trouble with anger, violence or greed etc. I have problem with emotional restlessness and detaching difficulty which I am on my way to tackle.
Well, and about leaving non-veg... I am at an argument with myself- If leaving non-veg I could prevent killing I would have...but being vegeterian too slaughtering would be done to whats the point? If I find a better reason to leave I would.
Thanks for your suggestions.

@ Devaji
Wonderful poem! Hope I can be learned enough to unlearn and silent enough to hold that silence...may I be truthful enough to hold that truth and innocent enough to hold her hands.

eshan_1975 said...

Hi Aparajitha,
Please go through

Vazhga Valamudan

beloved said...

namaskaram...this is a very good experiance you have taken, as in such yatra you will get so many such byproducts, these exp.are a byproducts the main aim is to go to end of all experiances,, there is nothing to get, nothing to give ,only anand and calmness, pure shanti...when you have started your yatra on this path , you will definately reach the goal.. first try to find your aim, then go ahead...

Zax said...

Wat u have experienced is very good. Wat u need is a Guru, who can guide u till self realization. If u have not found a True Guru then email me on I will give u the web address of my spiritual path.

Anonymous said...

Similar kind of situation which you are facing.....i have read in autobiograbhy of 'Gopi Krishna' in his book "KUNDALINI, THE EVOLUTIONARY ENERGY IN MAN". You can download from net[search google]


The Revolutionist said...


Difficult to write an appreciation …but great photographs (those you posted in ‘mindspume’!) I am

curious to know whether you have taken them all! Seems you have a creative mind to ‘buy’ a great future!

I love what you wrote “Spumes are the froth that forms when waves clash. And thoughts are the waves

formed when mind reacts. clashes give spark to a thought and roar to a sea………” ….and many other

expressions too…(despite your unscientific attitude which is extremely disgusting).



Kapman said...

Well what to in the same boat as you...had few experinces..each experience after some gap..and each more powerful...though had have started meditating regularly and have joined a kriya yoga spritual organisation....but yes my energies are not there at the moment...once the nergy had crossed my throat has come...problems like depression sometimes I face...tiredness too...aloof I have become....but yes desire too go higher is there...

What I would say is try to live a normal life....dont get attached to these experiences....kundalini now has a job to clean u up further...u may face difficulties..dont be afraid..they are for ur good only....HAVE FAITH, WILL AND DEVOTION AND EVERYHTING WILL BE ALL RIGHT...BELIEVE ME....AND YES stop eating non-veg...have a satvic lifestyle...and be more cheerful:)

beloved said...

hye,keep doing dhyan daily, your consistency will give you a great experiances....

harsha said...

hi appu,
well its a beautiful experience that u have shared about kundalini.and kundalini is 4 good it wont destoy.try to meditate on twin souls.i too have a same experience but some thing differently,while i was meditating,the whole energy from my body heated all the room and when i opened my eyes i saw my mother laying down unconsciously.then my mother said that the room was completely heated as if she was in a hot turbine.i said this to my guru and he told me that the heat from the body generates when some one is in yogi stage.he adviced me to meditate on twin souls,and now i'm in control of my energy.he also said that before meditation we should warm up our body by doing i know experience is the best way to advice,if u follow or not i dont know,but meditation on twin hearts would solve the problem

AM I A HINDU? said...

Aparajita, my humble advice is to continue to meditate. NEVER EVER STOP.

As you spiritually mature, all the things that are happening to you will subside and you will see the truth.

Have you thought of practicing "Kriya Yoga"? Some how, I find that very much appealing.

Of course, every one of us are different and each person has to follow a meditation Technique suitable for him or her.

Take care

harsha said...

hi appu,
thanks 4 u'r feedback.that's what i 2 was saying,every one has to follow a
technique,and start meditating,its the best u can u or i can do,clean all
the things that u have in u'r mind and start meditating.hope the best 4 u.

amit said...

As far as I know its not advised to share your experience like this,but the way you have written this I hope you write a book one day.

I hope you seek a guru for this, this is a very powerful sadhana to go on your own.

Anj said...

Hello Aparajita !
Read your lucid narration of your experience with the opinion of others about it. I think you should keep the following things in your mind:
1. Don't force yourself into anything for which you may not be physically and mentally prepared. Move with the natural flow.
2. Don't be conditioned by your past experiences or by others' view about what to expect. This will limit your growth.
3. Don't be afraid. Life forces always protect if your intentions are pure. They will guide you even if you are unable to have the physical presence of a Guru. I think Life is the greatest Guru.
4. You should not be attached to your experiences. I know it is difficult to detach from such wonderful experience. But Moha or attachment is a great obstacle on this path.
5. Don't let these experiences strengthen your ego sense. This is the hardest point but most essential.

I wish you all the best in your endeavours.

Bye. Take Care.

Daniel said...

Go for It !

Anonymous said...

Hi Aparajita,
I have felt these types of energies for almost three years now. For me, it seems like it would be impossible to stop meditating if I wanted to. I tend to be one of those that believes that this experience comes with an internal guidance. As I watch the beautiful expressions, I slowly receive knowledge. For me, this has not been a quick process. It has helped me to accept that, relax, and let go of fear. Good luck in your journey.

Sandip said...

Hello Aparajita,
I liked your " My experience with Kundalini....." I think it is very special experience you went through while doing the meditation. I think not everybody goes through such a experience on their beginning stage.
You were lucky ! I understand that you could not continue further but whenever you do get right time and environment you should continue again under a well experienced person.
You are a good writer, so keep writing.........
all the best,


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Asim said...

It seems to me from reading this and various portions of your blog - You are way ahead of your age. But need to be very careful with meditation - it has
great power and can be immensely gainful as well as hurtful.

I am skeptical of medication aided by a CD player or similar music device.

I can recommend:

ISHA [ ]


Paramhansa Yogananda SRF institutes

I do not know where all they are in
India - having known them in the US.

Anonymous said...

great article. I would love to follow you on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now. Keep it up!
And according to this article, I totally agree with your opinion, but only this time! :)

Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link

Anonymous said...

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