Sunday, April 27, 2008

Female sexuality and transition

Pattan, 3/05/08

The history of women suffered an interesting outlook being considered either ‘devi’ or ‘chudail’.

Either a woman was so much cherished that she herself was ashamed to behave naturally being burdened by titles as ‘Mother’, ‘Sister’ or ‘Devi’- all of relations not to be related to sex.

Or she was considered a witch who had the power to divert men and influence. Hence they were evil spirits trapping and weakening men sexually.

Our distant past, recent past, passing present and very present are all great proofs of how weak a man’s psychology is and how weak their control.

These poor people had tried, have tried, have been trying and trying still, millions of means to hide their helplessness over sex.

He is aware that if a woman wants can change his entire existence with quite an ease. She can dismiss his individuality and his life may completely be wrecked.

Therefore something must be done! And the solution was to blind her to her own strength. Hence a society was formed as an instrument.

This was a good plan indeed and women had to be controlled as they began misusing their strength recklessly.

We know of stories when great yogis meditated- storms and thunders didn’t affect their cause, ghosts and spirits couldn’t move them, snakes, insects, floods or any natural hazards failed against their will. Then comes a lady swinging her graceful limbs, a simple strip-tease done and years of efforts crumble and melt.

However, women have thus harmed a lot, distracted many kings from their duties, diverted saints from being saintly, played tricks to have wealth and ruled over lives mercilessly.

And whether you call it God or Nature the beam balance of creation when was heavy with ‘misuse’ on one pan dropped them down with weight and men formed society in their favour for existence.

This worked! Women were made shy of sex and men encouraged. They wrote poems to praise, told stories of religion, talked of sin to scare and crippled them.

This however brought a balance initially. Society made life smooth and balanced, with work divided, commitments made decreasing sexual chaos. It was less a fight of strength, more on understanding and care.

But seeing women under control men soon became tricky.

He convinced her to drop her sword to hold his hands for a walk together and when she gave her hands with trust, he tied them up cleverly.

And marriage is a system in society assumed by a woman as a ‘walk together’ whereas a man sees a captive in chain being dragged behind making him a master- the same enacted around the fire giving seven good chances to guess but women being emotional fools are still so deceived.

Betrayal, torture, slavery, murder, rape- what didn’t follow after that?

And now is the transition period.

If life is a journey and all people alive at same time like batch mates, then we must realize we are in an eventful batch witnessing an exciting phase of creation. Its that phase when the pan is heavy again quivering to drop. Its that exiting moment when the heavy pan drops a little, rises again, shivers, quivers and dances keeping you in guess what’s to happen next.

And its an interesting time. Exploring sex has began greatly with the coming of contraceptive pills and women are again realizing their strength with every coming day. Increase in divorce rate indicates their discovery of chain behind the illusion of ‘romantic walk together’. Rupture of hymen is no more a terror before the arrival of a married tyrant. Women who were shown the authorized permission from God and beaten up every day now asked for equal share in wealth in Bangladesh though not mentioned in Quran.

Women all over the world have been waking up at their own proportion. Its Party time! And the beam balance is dancing with thrill releasing years of stored potential energy into kinetic.

And all the thoughtful people who are worried at this phase...hold on! The highest energy involvement happens at the change and hence the chaos. Sit back and watch till the transition is over. Be patient till every molecule settles down to form a new compound. Women being more creative and emotional, more nurturing and soft would definitely do things better than nuclear war.

And its my prayer that same mistake is not repeated again- sex not used as power but a meditation together to communicate to God often- to involve Him to bring the pans at same plane and end this dirty struggle for strength. And equality if ever happens would happen at the will of women because men who think with reason would never find this rational. Its easy for a woman to forgive, come low, sacrifice, hold hands and walk together without any thought of betrayal. She doesn’t think with logic. She loves and aimlessly loves. She wouldn’t need a reason to make you equal, she wouldn’t proudly walk having a captive in chain behind. She would perhaps place you higher because you are the reason to love. She would perhaps be grateful and want to give you more and more as through you she learnt to love. Love could be her only reason- her reason behind reason to love or reason behind life to live.

Hence a good time is arriving for sure! A lot of chaos though in transition, a good hope lies beneath.

Earth is expecting a good cause to live.

Earth is pregnant with potential to peace.


Rutesh said...

hi!...its an interesting take on by far one of the most disputed topics.

but, ur title and then the contents do not seem to be in sync for reasons that while ur title suggests "equality", the entire body talks of females liberating themselves. but its a very-well written opinion.

however, most things that u talk of seem to have already happened in the US and many european countries, so i guess u basically talkin of the females in here, the sub-continent and asia.

about the sex and the theory to form a society to "blind her to her own strength" seems a little far fetched, etched more with an aim to reason a unequal treatment given to them than anything else.

about marriage being seen as the "captive chain", again, it seems more of an allegation than a theory that can reason its substance. yes, most males do dominate marriages, but then to actually say that everyone one of them does seems a little over the board, if not ludicrous.

as for the "betrayal, torture, rape...." yes, that is disgusting. no two ways about that.

u talk of "women being emotional fools are still so deceived" yet u later go on state that "She doesn’t think with logic. She loves and aimlessly loves. She wouldn’t need a reason to make you equal..."

i mean u talk of this quality of women to be able to think with their heart as their weakness at one end, and the other u claim it to be their very strength!

u talked of how "comes a lady swinging her graceful limbs, a simple strip-tease done and years of efforts crumble and melt."

u also say that "women have thus harmed a lot, distracted many kings from their duties, diverted saints from being saintly, played tricks to have wealth and ruled over lives mercilessly."

so, if there have been women who have done this in the past, yet u think it is ok not to generalise their actions and use that against the rest of the women, yet u cant seem to get over the men (mostly kings whose orders were followed by blinded, bonded men thereby resulting in witch hinting) who brought about this social divide and go on to believe that this is something that must be generalised and applied to every man?! strange.

again, all said and done, as i said, its a great piece of work, but the title and the body dont seem to talk of the same things, for me, and then, ur take seems to be more focussed on feminism and the oust of male dominance but with the use of a woman's biggest weapon, her heart.

Ameya said...

I found many points I didn't agree with in the article.

"Its easy for a woman to forgive, come low, sacrifice, hold hands and walk together without any thought of betrayal."

During the past 10 years in my life, the highlights in terms of never forgiving, having biggest ego and never coming low, never sacrificing and betraying me have all been without exception girls.

"She doesn’t think with logic. She loves and aimlessly loves."

BIGGEST LIE EVER TOLD. A woman loves after calculation. She only loves those who are capable of carrying her well.

Overall in the entire article, the tone of the writer is such that it makes the reader think that men and women are continuously in a war against each other. When the fact is that men and women are complementary to each other.

If there has to be 100% equality then girls should be prepared to give up the reservations and waivers they get in education, special seats in public transport, should be willing to pick up the tab atleast half the times when going out with a guy, open the doors and pull the chairs for him, and last but not the least, if any girl ever wears trousers, jeans or shorts she should be termed a transvestite or cross-dresser.

Nimisha Saikia said...

Hi Apa, just wanted to drop in and get inspired by the wonderful job that you have done for this blog. I think you should consider being a freelance writer besides being a graphic designer. As I told u before, the photos are fab and the articles..well, I have no words. They're powerful critiques with equally powerful emotional imagery. Hey, I would be very grateful if you could drop in my blog
Its a small compilation of my illustrations! Hope u're having a great vacation! Bye!

Manu Akula said...

You caught the essence of women in a single line you wrote and I quote - "She doesn’t think with logic."

That my dear, is indeed all ! :D

BTW - You sound like someone who has recently discovered the phenomenon of feminism. Have fun till the sun shines. Someday, when you will be mature enough, you might understand that we cannot control the natural order of things.

Bhaskar said...

hmm...was an interesting read until you started talking about the transition taking place now and all that, true, that's fact, but you could have taken the first part a bit ahead and not ended like a Chetan Bhagat novel !

anyways, what does the Khajuraho sculpture depict ?

me said...

Based on your blog you express how complicated a woman is yet not any more complicated than a man. What is clear is that over the thousands of years both men and women have lived together there is still little understanding who each other. Not only do they not understand each other but they understand very little about themselves.

One must understand that the two genders are symbiants with one another like the relationship between the beautiful clown fish and the stinging Anemone...the clown fish that protects the anemone from anemone-eating fish, and in turn the stinging tentacles of the anemone protect the clownfish from its predators. Both protecting each other. Both dancing in harmony yet both very different. Neither one challenging the other's differences. Clearly they understand each other and understand themselves.

So why has man learn to abuse its relationship with the women. The very women who brought every single man into this world. The women that men call mother, grandmother and aunt. Why as a child the male runs into the embrace of the mother for protection than grows into a man and abuses the very beings that once protected them...more than any man could ever do.

This symbiant relationship cannot be abused by neither parties. They are dependent upon each other. Each one of their bodies are temples and they must not be abused.

Guthi said...

Hi!, is a response to the above comments forthcoming? I'm waiting for your response to Ameya.

Hansraj Mishra said...

an opinion well presented :)
You could do with shortening it a bit, though... but verry well written.

Sandip said...

Hi Apra,
very well written again. Your thoughts are very interesting and well placed with expaination.

I think that both men/women has the equal power and that is how it should be or meant to be. Corossing the limit from either side is wrong but that is also a part of the nature.
Also it differs very much from person to person. Dominating men and dominating women both exist in our society only a balanced person can make the difference.
Very good going. Keep writing. All the best.

Anonymous said...

yet , another perverted feminist .

btw wer is the balance pan tilting ??? i stll rape & hit & fuck my wife everyday , esp wen sges is DISOBEDIENT !!

Anonymous said...

WOMEN r crEated just 4 1 thing . - to make man happy . to cook & clean & at nite to get fu**** up !!

Anonymous said...



Dharma, Arth, Kaam

One restricts till kaam..

but ifone lives for moksha then one is not carried by the issues...

one feels self as atma and surreders to God and Guru

rest till then this debates will continue