Sunday, June 29, 2008

Women are Mothers!

Bangladesh, 18/05/08

Jesus Christ when crucified said about his betrayers, ‘Lord, forgive them; for they know not what they have done.’ And I often imagined how big a heart one is to acquire to reach a state to say that. And mothers do have that for her child.

‘Respect a woman for she can give birth.’ Mother or a potential to be mother is what is meant and this is very commonly heard. Nothing wrong in it and perhaps the people who utter, do utter with due respect for their mothers comparing that quality in every woman.

But a woman is an individual, a woman is an existing soul, a woman is a normal human with her dreams, goals and aspiration. And if this 3-D model is understood then I think respect if is in a heart would flow equally for a man and a woman to respect that individual. A special quota of respect reserved only for women because she can give birth would not be required…for she is not only a fellow-human but most appropriately a human.

And being mother is the greatest joy and fulfillment for a woman’s being no doubt but focusing only on this aspect might be ignoring the other aspects she has. And may be that is the cause a girl’s dream to become an officer is easily pushed aside when the household work is in upfront.

But yes, when talking about mothers, arguments are not the right way to do justice. A mother is beyond all rationalizing nitty-gritty. Her one warm hug can give the solutions to all those problems even intellectual, recurring, brain-slogging meetings would not. She can look into your eyes and tell all the turmoil you have been through, she can enter your soul to feel exactly how you undergo the state. A mother is just a blessing from God.

And though it is said, ‘A mother too is born with the child’ but I still feel that motherliness is a quality all women naturally have. Sacrificing, forgiving, nurturing all easily come through a woman. Even an elder sister seeing three apples and four people can easily announce she cares not for one.

Women are compassionate until situations mutate them into another. And her natural qualities were too much taken advantage of. And the fact that she sacrificed for her joy turned into rules that stung her. Women should eat the least and last in the house, women should never ask for her own needs. A good woman is that woman who is like water and flows naturally, shapelessly into her husband’s opinion. Well, even the opinion about killing that child!

And now she is mutating. And before that mutation takes over completely it is time to think that a quality if is good is better adopted by all beings rather not prizing her for her sacrifice and keep expecting thoroughly. And its not men who are always raw beings with no heart! But if he is the one sacrificing, would be probably scorned being a feminine man. A woman if teased as being manly is perhaps being referred to as being brave but if a man is teased being feminine, is indeed a great insult. Time is greatly changing though and we are slowly breaking the stereotype wall, but caring and sacrificing should be left free without its tag.

And if then comes the question of respecting women, rather respect the qualities you mean to refer and might as well adopt. And if a woman has to be respected, the respect should again refer to the fact she is human. And as far as respecting women as mothers come, we better think before the mutation takes over, as time is changing and if those qualities we can no more restore in both father and mother, a nation might arise with child-bearer and alas no mother!


Hansraj Mishra said...

very nice pics. Really impressive, all of them!

The Umbrella said...

lovely pic...did you travel to bangladesh?

Rajan said...

What you have written is certainly not debatable.

You have been so polite and humble, requesting man to respect women which is the way to go. Your thought about 3 D model of women is so true and it righteously says how man should treat women.

Whether man or women respect is something each individual wants and lives for. In their own capacity he/she is ready to sacrifice, fight and do anything that is possible for respect,which is just? If you think man have not been treating women as they should (or have not understood the 3 D model) then women should raise their voice and fight for their right to get what is fair and deserving. As that is how man has also fought in the past for their rights/respect/freedom/goals/aspirations, certainly after asking for it politely in the first attempt.

Throughout you have been only talking to man about women. But you should also talk to women about themselves. Why have they been so tolerant and used to the way they have been treated by man? In that case, in our culture/tradition not only father but mother also desires and helps her son to rise and achieve his goals more then she does for her daughter, why? And also, when mother gives birth to daughter, both father and mother worry about her marriege only,why?

Rajan said...

In my comment by fighting i didn't mean women should resort to assault to fight male domination, but subtle ways should be used, for instance Irom Sharmila has been on fast since 2000 in Manipur to fight against Army's Special power act.To keep her alive she is being fed forcibly through nose.She is also known as 'Iron lady' of Manipur.

Anonymous said...

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