Saturday, May 3, 2014

Facebook and Reality

For quite sometime I have been trying to understand why so many people are so anti-facebook. Its considered as a waste of time, as a device to take away from reality, as a medium that has been making people loose real human connections and promoting fakeness and show offs.

I think from the spot I look at things these days, I have completely lost track of what virtual is from reality. And hence may be I cannot differentiate what virtual can or cannot do as the borderline is always shaky.

Its like the TV being called an idiot box in the times when it first came and people had to deal with its influence initially. My take is that the whole world is an idiot box if you choose to be an idiot, not only TV. If it is the programmes you feel are idiotic that attracts you and hence you waste time watching those making you feel like an idiot, then I am dead sure when TV is not there, you would do or watch something else that will again substitute for the idiocy.  

The point is are you being a hypocrite? Does your taste make you like things that you feel should not be liked by your intelligence and hence trying to match those lines by force and blaming something else for revealing it so openly? What I feel on that plane is, be yourself, love yourself in every phase, and keep pushing yourself genuinely and enjoy that journey. If you feel it is stupid things that attract you, be bold to be stupid, laugh at silly things others cannot laugh at. Work more on understanding your true nature and work on it than trying to suppress it and always fighting with it subconsciously.

A medium is just there and so is facebook. How you use it is not so defined. You may enjoy looking at a friend’s album and being jealous that she or he has better life and take it forward to gossiping but in that case it is not facebook that is making you do so, it is you who has chosen to do it. In that case improve your lifestyle if you feel it is boring. If you feel facebook is making you gossip, believe me anything would.

Its like a magazine really with contents that eventually build up on the notion of what interests you. I am interested in traveling say, so without my conscious attempt I have friends added who love traveling. And without their conscious attempt, their posts would be of places to travel to, and pictures and words that concern traveling. So, eventually every morning when I open the page I have almost a travel magazine with content that suits my taste automatically. Now isn’t that wonderful?

When it is not wonderful is are say, not so a party person, and your page everyday is full of girls pouting and boys dead drunk from the last night’s party, you are an atheist and your page is full of a Sahibaba pictures and an Om with lots of rays filling you over every single day when you open it. That is not a facebook problem, again. Virtual world or real world is full of opportunities to find like-minded people and events. Use it rightly.

“People only want to show off how happy they are.” Well, because it is the happy moments we want to remember and share generally. If he went through a rough time and had a busy day to go out finding someone for a hug, you would have been pinged on your facebook chat with some low hints or vibes. And what you would do next is equivalent to a hug actually. Yes, a virtual world with virtual words will have real effects then. And thus you can anyday turn virtuality into reality.

“It’s the cause of so many break ups and end of relationships.” Well, it can also initiate them, at least have abundant possibilities.

“Why are they declaring around what they ate, where they slept, where they went and how they feel? What am I to do with that really?”

Even during stone-age when someone went for a hunt and felt something, found a great fruit, saw a marvelous flower…I am so sure he came back and tried to tell the other cave members how his day was, what he felt, what he learnt and what he saw around, when they sat by the fire munching the ancient BBQ of that time.

My point is “communication” and the urge to communicate is basic human, well animal, even may be plant-ly reality. You may feel happy hearing his story and stuck around him late night till the fire finally extinguished to hear more details of it. You liked it. You commented on it, with stories you experienced that were similar or may be contradictory. Or you could have been that person who was neutral. Ate his food, heard what he heard and went back to cave to sleep. Or you could be that person who didn’t like that story.

Now, how different is that reality from the facebook urge and mimicry? If most of those don’t concern you, you might be in the wrong cave. Try switching your cave to people who concern you and you might be interested in their stories. 

Again, some people are more communicative and some like to keep things to themselves unless too necessary, and that's fine too!

If a virtual world has real effects isn’t that reality? If a virtual friend virtually told me my work was good and I was encouraged and happy, wouldn’t that emotion be real and if it made me work harder and better wouldn’t that be reality?

Now enough said about what reality can do and virtuality can imitate. Now let me tell you what virtuality can do and reality cannot. When I was a child and a very studious child indeed, my friends everyday called me to play during my study-hour after school, that I had kept for some extra-studies. Everyday I had to find excuses and everyday I was asked to join, to which everyday I had to spend some energy.

Here in facebook, I am sent candycrush, famrville requests abundantly but I no more have to lie or make up an excuse, I silently go find that button and choose not to get any more requests and get back to my work peacefully.

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