Saturday, June 7, 2014

The poilicy to go for...

I think the phrase “honesty is the best policy” has become very outdated. In this complicated, cruel world, we are not looking for any long-term best policy really. We are looking for the quickest policy with maximum benefits and the best amongst its packages with the best deals in interests and outcomes.

And the reason why this policy has failed is perhaps because it was sold in a way as if to do a favour to the world. That marketing strategy has long become outdated and the target customers were only the foolish selfless ones and may be that is the reason why this product fails to sell any further.

I somehow wanted to test this before it finally goes out of stock. And finding no rat around, I grew up with these doses and noted down the consequences from time to time. And I feel this may be the right time to fill out my first observation sheet to the experiments carried out. So, brace yourself, hear it from the rat’s mouth.

We are all blessed with amazing capabilities to adapt to a situation. Most distinctly one is to “fight” and the other is to “flight” when you are confronted with one. And whichever route you take, you make that trail of water extend there to which all the rest of the spilled water follows. Our nervous system probably works that same way and takes the electric impulses through the trail you have once connected along the neurons.

If you have taken a “fight” route, your body and mind will be prepared to handle that. When you directly want to meet it head-on, the qualities you would need are strength, bravery, impulse and intuition. When you have taken to “flight” or dodge what is in front, you would need spontaneity, diplomacy, convincing skills and probably some imagination to fake the reality first in your mind, so that your body can best think of ways to not “fight” for what is there.

More than these qualities the outcome of the qualities are what is an interesting find. When you fight, you get injured. And with repeated wounds, your body gets trained to heal faster. It develops knowledge of how to get up on your feet again and run and which medicine is to be applied. It increases your tolerance to pain after a point and makes you feel it is nothing much to be afraid of.

If you have chosen to deal with the qualities that develop from a flight, you would see the after-effects of those after-effects are what complicate life. When you create a lie to say to someone just to avoid the situation, you have to first lie to your brain before that. You cannot be a good liar if one part of your brain is always conscious that it is not what it is that you have chosen to mention. So, those watchdogs in the brain need to be fed with enough drugs, so that even they hallucinate the way you want them to and so together you can create a reality and even carry it out with genuine or close to genuine expressions.

The problem as I mentioned earlier is that, the route you once take has the tendency to call forth more journeys forward. And so, one lie calls for more lies and these dogs again and again need to be drugged. And after a point they become so addicted, that they are always drooling and have lost the focus they were once created for. Beware a little and take a note of this point, that it gets immensely difficult for a liar to imagine dealing with truths after a point as these dogs are no more alert. They now cannot give you the qualities you once needed to be a fighter.

This is a little different to an acting job. Because when the camera is rolled out, the actor has trained its brain to consciously wake the dogs up. It doses them, yes, but it also gives it anti-dose to keep it normal.

A liar on the other hand, turns a section of his brain that was entitled to be his best strength a hazard. You have turned your body that was made to help you against you. You have told so many lies to your own-self that it is now puzzled with the concept of reality and often now confuses between truths and lies. That is okey, if you think, I will tell you what a wonderful journey you have missed out in this life.

A “fighter” or lets do away with this aggressive term, and call him a “confronter”, has developed skills to sharpen the dogs that you have put to sleep by now. Those dogs are now trained with the sharpest ears, sensitive nose and strongest paws. He has realized that to walk in this path repeatedly he has to keep his dogs as healthy as ever. They go on walks every morning and become the best-est pals you can think of. And find a hundred friends, my friend, who would lie along your lies to reassure your lie is the reality around, it is you who you have to live with for the rest of your life. And each time you are in silence, with your dogs alone, they will growl and want to tear your flesh down, as they cannot now differentiate foe from its master.

The dogs with the sharpest nose, have now been so trained that they can smell a distant flower. They can feel the minutest vibration on earth. And together it can fathom messages from the surroundings, it has never before gathered. Call it a sixth sense, call it reading of signs in the Universe, call it co-incidence or call it messages from the outer-world, with heightened senses, this world becomes so magnified that you can see through the particles now.

I often feel myself as Alice, wondering in the wonderland. And no matter how old I become, I see myself in that little frock that can turn almost parachute-like when I fall (pause)…whenever I fall. With a magic potion you become so small, that you can come down to Earth to communicate with the ones you once couldn’t see around and when you become so big that the bigs now cease to frighten you any longer. You have chosen to do away with all this magic, my friend, and with just some petty lies and a little fear to confront, you have now been confronting your own dogs locking it up with a thousand chains inside.

I have often felt, when I am in need or in confusion, somehow things around fall into place in a specific way just to guide me to fill out that need of that condition. Yes, it is almost like in video games when the Samurai hero is dying down fighting the dragon, and then kneels down and closes its eyes and a flashing sword from nowhere appears in his hand to help him to fight further. Yes, this happens in real life. I will not tell you this is miracle, since I the messiah have done some biology classes and try to often decode the things around in my own ways and terms.

When you are confused and are looking for an answer, your mind has heard you and it sends out that struggle over your body. And if you have kept your mind clean, and your dogs alert, it is easier for your mind to enact that message around. Your body language, expression, tone, way of structuring a sentence or looking at something from the angle changes to enact that without your conscious realization. And what you get as a reaction from the world where you have sent out a SOS message is an answer to what you were looking for.

My experimentation in this section is still puzzling and I will fill out my data in this later. But what is worth mentioning in this context is that miracles and magic have special connection with dealing with truth to the deepest level it can.

Now you know why God has promised boons to only those of his followers who refers to his book to page number so and so that speaks about truth in all its editions. The trick is you can do without all these bloodsheds, and using the agent called god and pay him so much extra homage to get the job done. Whether you pray everyday or you read your scriptures with the finest, accurate accent or visit the temple and make sure your bang to the bell is the loudest among the lots, to the core the loop only runs to “be true to yourself and everything will find its place right”.

So, next time someone suggests you the shortest policy to reach home safe from the tiger that stands on path, remind yourself, that if you don’t fight this today you will return home with a bunch of wild dogs as unsafe as that. Next time you open your mouth to tell a petty lie or make pretense a daily escapade, that could easily be dealt with a truth and some little extra guts, ask yourself if you are ready to pay the huge amount it would cost.

This policy therefore can be a little tricky to gather, I understand, with all its schemes and hidden booster packs. It has risks of its own and most dynamic records of gains and loss, the world has ever encountered but if you can stretch your mind and see the package to a deeper level, there can be no policy better. When someone from the ancient age said, use this policy for the good of the world, our Venn diagram just showed a little error in its representation showing two different circles in our minds. 

It is surprising that so much of that outer world we feel is optional to care for is related to our inner world, we do so much damage to thinking we care and how those two circles are actually almost overlapping to each other. So, if you are a selfless person, that world, if you are a selfish person, this world, for the good of whichever world, my this policy as this is the best one.

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